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You may take advantage of our top-notch services if you need assistance with your front yard landscaping. You may always give us a call with any queries you may have regarding our business or our offerings. Additionally, we have made the effort to respond to some of the most often-asked questions by clients. Click here to see it.

How habitually ought I make a support arrangement with you for my scene?

It depends on the type of landscape you have and how much foot traffic it receives. You can reserve our residential landscape service at least once every two weeks if your landscape is tiny and your property receives little foot traffic. However, you could require our services more regularly for landscape for bigger commercial properties. To create a customized landscape management plan for you, we’d want to personally inspect your landscape to determine its current state. Calling us is all that is required. To maintain the health of your plants, we can work with you and avail our professional lawn care services.

What are the prices for your landscape services?

Without a basic understanding of your project, we are unable to provide you with a pricing estimate. Therefore, give us a call to receive a trustworthy pricing quotation for our top-notch services. Speaking of expenses, you don’t even need to be concerned because we have some of the greatest prices in the area. In reality, we can stick to your spending plan. Yes, we can create a landscape service just for you based on your requirements, preferences, and budget.

Do you also serve clients who are businesses?

Yes! We are experts in providing maintenance services for business landscapes. However, we also do maintenance work for residential landscapes. You may count on us to offer you high-quality services within your price range, regardless of the scope of the landscaping job.

Are you insured?

We are a licensed and insured landscaping contractor in Portsmouth, VA. We not only possess the knowledge and abilities necessary for the work, but we also have top-notch tools at our disposal. Thanks to our expertise and equipment, you can rely on us to complete any landscaping assignment swiftly.

Since when do you provide your services in the area?

Rockett Services was founded is 2022. Nevertheless, we are not a newcomer to the field. We have established an immaculate reputation in the industry over our twelve years of operation, which we continue to preserve. Because of the effectiveness and dependability of our staff, our front yard landscaping services have maintained a solid reputation in the neighborhood for a decade.

What other services do you offer?

While we specialize in landscape services, we handle a wide array of other tasks too. Here’s a quick list of our offers:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Landscaping
  • Masonry
  • Hauling
  • Concrete
  • Tree Removal
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Flowerbed Design
  • Hedge Design
  • Hedge Trimming

How can I pay?

We accept only cash payments.

Where else do you offer your services?

We offer our top-notch landscape services not just to residents but also to those in the surrounding districts. Here are some other topics we cover:

  • Chesapeake District, VA
  • Windsor Town, VA
  • Carrollton, VA
  • Benns Church, VA
  • South Mills Township, NC

You may reach us by phone anywhere you may require our top-notch landscape services in those locations.

For inquiries about our affordable landscaping company, know that Rockett Services will be glad to answer all your queries. Just call our experts in Portsmouth, VA at (757) 863-7441 today!